The Best Hair Removal Devices For Women

And for several years now, this has been my go-to hair remover, and it has saved me (no lie) tens of thousands of dollars on bikini and leg waxing, as well as the hassle of scheduling and keeping appointments. Here is how it works: It is an epilator, which means there is a rotating head with inset tweezer-type things that twist around akin to a paint roller. You move it on your skin as you would a razor, except rather than shaving your hair, it is plucking every one out. Even the brief, fine ones. It even has a little light, so you won’t overlook even the finest hair. Sure, the notion of mass tweezing may seem insanely painful, but it is not — for me and my sister anyway.

Having said this, one’s pain threshold is a really personal thing, and the enclosed booklet does say it is most painful the first time you use it, but it becomes then less painful with frequency. I can confirm that this is accurate.
The pain is relieved somewhat thanks to a “massage” component from the roller which stimulates the skin with micro pulsations while being used. Along with the smoothness, you men, the smoothness! It feels like your thighs have never grown hair! Are there any red stains after like with waxing? Sure, but just for one night, and when you awaken in the morning, it is just smooth, clear, Mr. Bigglesworth–bald legs.

Much like legs, it becomes somewhat less painful the more frequently you use it in this area, but it is certainly not something I get excited about every couple weeks. It’s not dreadful, but it is not enjoyable. The most recent version includes various interchangeable heads, including a shaver, exfoliating brushes for body and face, and a rubbery massage mind to improve skin texture (read: cellulite), which I am convinced is really working. Add to my propensity for becoming ingrown hairs and my general hairy bod, and shaving becomes the largest literal pain. Due to the wisdom of my mom, I’d use the fancy five-blade razors every other day like clockwork. Needless to say, once I was done, I would be covered with a combination of razor burn, ingrown hairs, and normally itchy skin. I tried waxing (at home, do not advocate), but nothing left de-hairing a nice part of my routine.

Friends previously have urge men’s razors due to the pink tax, they actually think the Schick Quattro is better, or because they enjoyed the simplicity of men’s-razor delivery solutions. But it was only when I dropped down a Reddit rabbit hole that finished with studying the r/ladyshavers page devoted to girls using vintage-style men’s single-blade razors I knew I needed to give it a go. My thighs depended on it.  The Strategist is intended to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for items to purchase across the huge e-commerce landscape. We update links when possible, but notice that deals can perish and all rates are subject to change. Each editorial product is independently chosen.

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